Will Smith offers shot-for-shot parody of son Jadens Icon music videoand its priceless

Will Smith has only just had Instagram for a month and a half, and he’s already better at it than the rest of us.

In a post Tuesday night, Smith celebrated the success of his son Jaden‘s song “Icon” with the ultimate papa gag: a shot-for-shot remake of its music video. Decked out in loose-fitting( potentially homemade) grills and a thick chain choker that looks like it came from the hardware storage, the Grammy-winner had no trouble imitating his son’s serious smolder.

Jaden’s song lately reached 100 million streams on Spotify, so Smith’s homage to the music video is a congratulations e-card of sorts. It’s like a high-end version of that wholesome meme where mothers reproduce their kids.

” Congrats on 100,000, 000 @Spotify creeks, Jaden !” Smith captioned the video.” It is a delicious endowment to a mother to admire his children. Retain doin’ you!

Here’s the actual “Icon” music video, for reference 😛 TAGEND

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