John Oliver Just Won The Internet When He Stopped His Heart On Live TV To Confront Alfred Hitchcock In Hell About His Sexual Harassment Allegations

Brace yourselves, John Oliver fans, because your king of late nighttime is back and BETTER than ever. Everyone’s favorite straight-shooting Brit perfectly WON the internet last nighttime where reference is is again stood up for victims everywhere by stopping his heart on live Tv and tackling Alfred Hitchcock in hell about his sex crime accusations!

BOOM, BABY. Now THAT’S how you comprise these Hollywood SCUMBAGS accountable.

At around 8: 30 last night, the Duke of Truth John Oliver sat down behind his Last Week Tonight desk to hit a special segment for this week’s episode about comprising Hollywood abusers accountable. With cameras rolling, a doctor whose medical permission was recently suspended administered enough sedatives to throw Oliver in a coma so the talk-show host could journey into the afterlife and perfectly DESTROY Alfred Hitchcock for his long, sordid history of sexually assaulting actresses on the films he directed.

As devotees in the studio watched his mouth foam and his torso shake for more than five minutes straight-out, Oliver was apparently ROASTING THE SHIT out of the legendary administrator in the depths of inferno, and poked so many holes in his defense of his behaviour that it left Hitchcock SPEECHLESS. After introducing himself to the mystified, damned soul of Mr. Hitchcock, King John Oliver reportedly straight-up DESTROYED him with firsthand accounts from The Birds starring Tippi Hedren that left the 118 -year-old SKEEZEBAG sputtering.

“Mr. Hitchcock, I will say this to you right now–no, I wasn’t there on the determine of The Birds , and no, I hadn’t even been conceived “when youre” filming; but I can tell from your body language that you DO NOT belief a WORD you are saying, ” John Oliver used to tell Hitchcock during his evisceration of the horror legend on one of hell’s smoldering sulphur deserts, according to Oliver’s own recollection after being resuscitated. “Maybe to you that type of behavior felt normal over a century ago, but to Tippi, it felt predatory. Because it was. That’s right: It was.”

And to think, everything there is happened before he gasped awake, rent the IV from his arm, and launched into a assassin monologue on the best interests of believing females to raucous studio audience clapping ?? Y-S! SLAY, John. SLAY !!

So, to all persons who watched the killer episode on HBO, take note–THIS is how you take down a “rumored” sexual predator who has never been brought to justice. You don’t let them control the narrative, and you don’t let them lie. You kill yourself, jaunt to hell, and build them pay in front of EVERYONE, just like John Oliver did!

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