Hard To Watch: This Girl Who Wont Go In The Pool Because She Just Got Her First Period Is Way Overselling Her Lie About How Her Religion Doesnt Allow Swimming

If you two are looking for a heartwarming tale, you might want to stop reading now, because the scene currently unfolding at a neighborhood pond party is sure to attain you cringe: Thirteen-year-old Katie Moore isn’t going in the pond because she just got her first period, and now she’s way overselling her lie about how her belief doesn’t let swimming.

Jeez. This is definitely hard to watch. Everyone got the suggestion when she said her religious beliefs forbid float, and she genuinely could’ve simply left it at that.

From the moment her friends jumped into the pool, Katie’s been leaning way too hard on her lie about how their own families belongs to a little-known sect of Christianity in which swimming is proscribe, both recreationally and for survival. Although everyone at the working party was immediately cool to just let her chill out by the side of the pool without any fuss, she proceeded to tell everybody her family’s religion has stipulated that her spirit will be damned to Hell for an eternity of unbearable torment should she swim.

“My family’s priest will excommunicate me from the church if I even get my feet wet, ” Katie said as she dismissed her friends’ offer to merely get out of the pool and go on the trampoline with her instead. “A few years ago, my uncle moved swimming in the inn pond at our Christmas celebration, and now we’re not even allowed to say his name.”

Sadly, even though all of Katie’s friends are nodding and saying it’s fine if she doesn’t swim with them, she’s continuing to pad out this unnecessary lie with excess detail, including a made-up biblical tale she says her family holds sacred about twin sisters named Victoria and Zemirah who swam in a river instead of preparing supper and, as punishment, were beheaded by their parent, who was anointed with sweet-scented petroleums by the monarch as a reward for slaying the blasphemous swimmers.

Damn, Katie’s really going to some unbelievable lengths to avoid telling people she just got her period. Someone was likely to keep telling her she can take it easy. Party guests say that when her friend’s mommy came outside with a box of popsicles, Katie didn’t even dedicate her a chance to ask why she wasn’t in the pond before launching into a convoluted explanation about how the only period her religion will allow her to swimming is on the eve of her bridal, and that when she does eventually get in the sea, it will be a really beautiful ceremony at a lake, which is something she says she knows because “shes seen” her cousin swimming before he got married last summer.

Yikes. You’ve gotta feel for this girl. Her elaborated lie about her anti-swimming belief are getting more and more labyrinthine by the moment. It’s definitely not easy to have your first interval at a pond party, but this is total overkill. Hopefully Katie receives a behavior to wrap this up at some phase before she digs herself into too big of a hole.

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