All hail the British monarchy’s first Black ‘princess’

Prince Harry’s relationship with American actress Meghan Markle has been his most public to date, so it’s no real surprise that the two are getting married next spring. But Markle is stimulating history for being more than just the first American to enter the British royal family. She’s also the first Black woman to be engaged to a British royal.

That’s right. Markle, who was born in Los Angeles, has a white parent and a Black mother and hence recognizes as a mixed-race woman. That she is Black is something Markle has spoken about with dignity.

The monarchy has never had a woman of colouring marriage into the family–a designation that hasn’t been without velocity lumps. Since the two started dating, Markle has been the objectives of racist remarks in British tabloids, even making Prince Harry to react.

Regardless, that won’t stop Black Twitter from being aroused about the engagement news. Markle represents visibility for women of color everywhere, including Black females living in the U.S.

Some assure Markle as a dreaming come true. She represents a fantasy many young Black girls have–becoming royalty–that’s often missing in mainstream media. That’s because Hollywood largely illustrates princesses as white girls.

And while Markle would most likely have the name of Duchess of Sussex, and her rank would really be through marriage … who cares about the specifics? Black princess !

Seriously, it’s about damn time a woman of colour held some power in the Western world.

But amid all the hype, some Black people are pointing out that she’s extremely light-skinned. While it’s true that mixed-race people often face racism and colorism throughout their lives, Markle is white-passing to many spectators, inducing some Black girls question how big of a bargain this really is. After all, where’s “womens representation” for princesses with darker skin?

On the other hand, mixed-race women face their own everyday conflicts. And Markle does, in fact, identify as Black.

So while some of the criticism is warranted, her story shouldn’t be downplayed. Markle ensure herself as a Black woman < em> and a mixed race female of colour, too. For her to enter the royal family is still astounding for women of color everywhere.

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